The Parallels between Self Worth and Your Income (Ep. #11)| Biz Mom Real Deal Podcast

The Parallels between Self Worth and Your Income with Stacie Walker + Maria Gonzalez

The Parallels between Self Worth and Your Income (Ep. #11)| Biz Mom Real Deal Podcast

As you know, money is just as important as the air we breath because our quality of life is tied to the amount of money we earn.

Money can be a very uncomfortable topic a lot of people because of the beliefs that have been adopted in a person’s lifetime.

Maria and I talk about the parallels between self worth and the income you receive from your business.

I also share a story about a client that I worked with who was offering free consultations to get business. Unfortunately, the free consultations was bad for her business and put her in debt.

Her level of self worth was absolutely responsible for her undesirable results. Listen to this episode to find out what I advised her to do to close more clients.

Here’s what to expect from today’s episode:

  • Doing inner work to appropriately price your offers.
  • Why free consultations could be killing your business.
  • Money stories could be killing your business.
  • Nurturing a healthy relationship with money.
  • And a WHOLE lot more.

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About Stacie Walker

Stacie Walker is best known as an International Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Podcast Personality, and Online Business Strategist. Stacie helps new and seasoned women entrepreneurs put themselves first so they can design a beautiful life doing what they love. Stacie teaches her clients and students how to use infuse the power of collaboration to rapidly accelerate the growth of their business.

About Maria Gonzalez

Maria Jose Gonzalez is an Award-Winning professionally trained Interior Designer and Home Stylist. She also mentors other creatives to breakthrough and create businesses and lives they are completely in love with. Maria’s passion lies in inspiring other hard working mamma’s to transform their homes into their own personal haven through her top of the line virtual and in-home design services. Her mission is to lift other creatives up by teaching them the exact blueprint of how to reach their entrepreneurial status.

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